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Oceanos Survivors’ Stories (2010) 
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When the Oceanos sailed into a Force 9 Storm off the Wild Coast of South Africa it set off a chain of events which reverberated around the world. The circumstances of its sinking, the behavior of its captain and most of its officers and crew and the amazing sea rescue which followed makes absorbing reading. The stories of the survivors adds the personal touch resulting in an epic saga that has few rivals in sea lore.

Knysna & Plett (2003)
96 pages
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Knysna and Plettenberg Bay share a common history in nature's paradise. The author has recorderd the area's history chronologically, for ease of understanding the rich tapestry of events which took place alongside the sea, lagoons and forests of the Garden Route.

Cape Town (2004)
114 pages
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In 1580 Sir Francis Drake saw what he described as 'the fairest Cape and the most stately thing we saw in the whole circumference of the globe'. The author has recorderd Cape Town's history chronologically, for ease of understanding its tumultuous past..

The Comrades (1987)
271 pages
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The greatest ultramarathon in the world, the Comrades Marathon, is run each year between Durban and Pietermaritzburg. The story is set in the early 1990's and brings into conflict the top running Comrades with the leading political Comrades, in a duel both on and off the road.

Devil's Wood (2006) 
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This is a companion volume to Ian Uys’ three books ( Delville Wood, Longueval and Rollcall) about the epic battle which South Africans fought in France.
It is published on the eve of the 90th anniversary of the battle. The author includes revelations by the last known survivor, as well as a hitherto unpublished diary by an officer who was one of the many casualties.
The book contains new facts and insights into this “bloodiest battle hell of 1916”. It is eminently readable, lavishly illustrated and has enough maps to make the sequence of events easy to follow.
Besides photographs of some of the men involved, many of the illustrations are taken from contemporary publications. The scenes are graphically portrayed and blend in superbly with the text. This book promises to become valuable Africana.

Fight to the Bitter End (2002)
221 pp S/C (Soft Cover)
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A companion novel to Heidelbergers of the Boer War. The Heildelbergers who fought to the bitter end  in the Anglo-Boer War, represent a microcosm of the struggle, the patriotism, fortitude and bravery of the Boers, as well as the treachery, heartbreak and suffering they endured.

The Knysna Castaways (2001)
149 pp S/C (Soft Cover)
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Set in the turbulent late eighteenth century, this vibrant story traces the romantic and dramatic lives of the shipwrecked daughter of an English peer, the kindly Boer family who rescue and raise her and her aristocratic father’s quest to find her.

Victoria Crosses of the Anglo Boer War (2000)
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The Victoria Cross was the highest commonwealth medal for bravery in the face of the enemy. Their stories provide records of courage which cover the entire war and give an insight into the conditions prevailing at the time.

Rearguard, the life and times of Piet Uys (1998) 213 pp S/C (Soft Cover)
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This is the biography of the Voortrekker Piet Uys who was killed at Italeni in 1838 and his son and namesake who fought in the Anglo/Zulu War of 1879. Many previously unknown facts now come to light and explain why this renowned family assisted the British when all other Boers turned their backs on them. Four maps and aerial photographs assist in identifying the battlefields. 

Survivors of Africa's Oceans (1993) 288 pp S/C
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The harrowing tales of shipwrecks off the African coast, from the Portuguese caravells of the 1400s to the Oceanos of 1991 are described by survivors. The little known truth of the greatest sea disaster off South Africa is described by some of the few who survived German torpedoes and savage shark attacks. 

SA Military Who's Who (1992) 312 pp H/C
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Over 1,300 brief biographies of military personalities in South Africa gives many fascinating facts such as: The French woman who defied a Xhosa army, the Cape-born youngster who died fighting in the American Civil War, the former cowboy who commanded the Springboks at their most famous battle - Delville Wood, and many more true stories. 

Cross of Honour (1992) 198 pp H/C
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The Honoris Crux was South Africa's premier gallantry award during the Border War. Scores of accounts of valour, plus particulars of the battles and photographs of the recipients abound. Read of the helicopter pilot who switched his lights on to attract fire away from his friends, then later landed in an enemy camp to rescue his downed comrades; the frogmen who blew the Cuito Bridge then fought the enemy and crocodiles while escaping...

Rollcall, the Delville Wood Story (1991) 302 pp H/C
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See below.....

Delville Wood (1983) 310 pp H/C
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The above two books deal with the epic battle of July 1916 in France when the Springboks were left to defend the wood against overwhelming German forces. Of the 121 officers and 3,032 men who entered the wood, only 3 wounded officers and 140 men emerged five days later. The names of all participants and details of the later lives of many of the men are included in Rollcall. 

Heidelbergers of the Boer War (1981) 287 pp H/C
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The story of the people of Heidelberg during the South African War is poignant and heart-rending. Live through their experiences, English and Boer, as they fought and died on the battlefields and in the concentration camps. The author was a member of the commando during the Border War and served with the grandsons of the Boer War veterans. This is compulsory reading for SA War Commemoration enthusiasts. Visit the graves and homes of those who are described in the book.

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